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As a lawyer, I have spent the last 25 years with my head buried in the minutiae of contracts, oblivious to everything save for family and the superficiality of current events. I don’t know why but the time feels right to raise my gaze from the papers on my desk and take a closer look at the challenges that New Zealand faces.

Although I’m a political conservative I have never spent much time trying to categorise my political leanings in any great detail - maybe I’m a Red Tory or a reluctant conservative in the manner described by Kingsley Amis, I really don’t know:

Growing older, I have lost the need to be political, which means, in this country, the need to be Left. I am driven into grudging toleration of the Conservative Party because it is the party of non-politics, of resistance to politics.

In my final year at secondary school I received the Headmaster’s Prize for Service. I was given a gift voucher and told that I could purchase any book that I wanted which would be presented to me by the Headmaster on Speech Day. For a long time I had forgotten about that book until I moved house a few years ago and found it. Fittingly, it was called An Incomplete Education. Hopefully this Substack will continue my incomplete education, deepen my knowledge of politics, culture and law, and help me understand the ever-changing forces that shape our world.

With that aim, I will endeavour to publish an article several times a week and will welcome comments and suggestions whether from the like-minded or those on the other side of the debate. Whilst I do have some axes to grind, I am here to learn in a collaborative and fun environment, not to preach.

Many lawyers are failed writers, so I apologise in advance if you occasionally feel like you’re reading a contract or legal memo. Hopefully my writing will also improve!

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Founding editor of Newstalk ZB Plus and former lawyer, Philip Crump explores political, legal and cultural issues facing New Zealand. Sometimes known as Thomas Cranmer.